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The Ultimate Guide to Making Cheer/Dance Gear & Gifts, 3rd Edition

By Melissa Darnell

114 pgs., 7.5" x 9.5" paperback, illustrated, nonfiction.
Print: $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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"You're sure to find this book very helpful if you're looking for spirit craft ideas. The book covers spirit apparel, gear and gifts. Each project is made easy by detailed directions and drawings that even a novice crafter can follow. The only regrettable thing about this book is the fact that it ended. Hopefully we'll see another edition out soon."

- Valerie Ninemire, Guide and Editor of Cheer Coaches & Advisors Magazine


Now you can save money by making your own beautiful and fun cheer/dance gear and gifts!  Use this book's projects to make custom gifts for your team coach or director.  Create special keepsake items for graduating seniors.  Create handmade cheer/dance gifts for your mom or dad.  Make special team items for team members to celebrate a successful competition or a brand new year.  You could even get your team moms and dads together for a fun day of making your own fundraiser items!  Every project includes pictures, a shopping list with suggestions for where to find specialty supplies, plus ideas for how to add your own creative twist to the basic projects.  Also included is a convenient Design Section full of designs you can copy and use to make each project, and even templates for making your own custom sized gift boxes and mini gift bags to present your handmade gifts in!


  • bags

  • bed linen sets/custom travel pillows

  • 3 types of bracelets

  • bulletin boards and matching push pins

  • button decorations

  • candles and candleholders

  • charms

  • 4 types of Christmas ornaments

  • cakes and cookies

  • cards

  • cheer/dance gift wrapping paper

  • clocks

  • door signs

  • earrings

  • 2 types of picture frames


  • finger puppets

  • flip flops

  • garment bags

  • gift wrap paper

  • hair barrettes and combs

  • hair clips

  • hats

  • journals

  • keychains

  • letter jackets

  • light/fan cord pulls

  • memory blankets

  • memory jackets

  • mini purses

  • mirror wall art

  • necklaces


  • poms

  • pom pens

  • shoe decorations

  • snow gear

  • spirit bears

  • spirit mobiles

  • stadium blankets

  • stamps

  • stationary sets

  • streamer ribbon hair accessories

  • team yard signs

  • tin sun catchers

  • t-shirts

  • 3 types of vases

  • wall art

  • warm ups

  • watches

  • yard signs

Save Money... Make Money... Make the Perfect Gift for ANYONE in cheer or dance!




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