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Submissions to NHP

Netherfield House Press aims to offer readers unique, high quality books that bring something different to the world of books. All of our titles are offered in both digital and printed formats. NHP books are available on our website as well as through a variety of online distributors.

We are not a subsidy or vanity publisher, and we never charge our authors fees of any kind.


Paid Authors: Paid NHP authors receive royalties of 30% after distributor fees from digital formats and 10% after printer and distributor fees on print formats.

Nonpaid Authors: Nonpaid authors for special cheer/dance compilations receive an author bio page at both of our websites (cheeranddancebooks.com and netherfieldhousepress.com) and a bio page at the end of their article or essay within the corresponding book's print and ebook formats.

Agented Submissions: Authors do not need an agent to have your work considered at NHP, though agented authors are welcome as well.

Simultaneous Submissions: Simultaneous submissions will be considered at NHP, but do give us the courtesy of letting us know if you decide to publish it elsewhere.

Multiple Submissions: You may also feel free to send us more than one manuscript at a time, as long as they are not in the same series (for a series, please only send the first book and wait for a response to make sure your series is a good fit for NHP).

Previously Published Works: We are interested in republishing previously published works as long as you are the original author, the work is not in the public domain, and you hold full publishing rights to the manuscript.

Editing: All manuscripts accepted for publication by NHP undergo a multiple stage digital editing process with professional, experienced editors and copy editors. However, manuscripts sent to NHP should still be polished to the best of your abilities before you submit them to ensure your story makes a good first impression.

Nonfiction Cheer/Dance Submissions: For nonfiction titles, we require a strong background directly related to your proposed manuscript's topic (i.e. if you are writing about how to start and coach a successful cheerleading team, we'll need proof that you have actually started and coached a cheerleading team to success). We are always interested in considering nonfiction that has not been done before or has a unique approach to an old topic. Nonfiction submissions should consist of an outline (in the body of your email, no attachments please) detailing your proposed book's contents, its existing competitive titles and how your book would offer something different, and your background as it relates to your book's topic. Nonfiction proposals may be sent to submissions @ netherfieldhousepress.com. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a reply.

Fiction Submissions: We are interested in considering fiction novels from 50,000 to 110,000 (computer count) words in length in a wide variety of subgenres. Only those with a cheer or dance theme will be featured at this site. Fiction outside these two themes will be considered for our main website at www.netherfieldhousepress.com, where you can see a full range of subgenres we are interested in publishing. We will only consider completed stories. For fiction submissions, please send a full manuscript with 2-page synopsis and query letter by email only to submissions @ netherfieldhousepress.com. Be sure to include "Submission" in your email's subject to ensure it is not overlooked as spam. Your synopsis should give a very brief overview of your story...we use the synopsis to see the general plot of your story, the main turning points, and the ending, NOT to judge the quality of your writing style. Do not include any quotes or exerpts from your manuscript in the synopsis. If your manuscript is the first in a planned series, please also include a 1-page series synopsis giving a brief summary for each planned book for the series so we can see where you plan to take the series in general. In your query letter, tell us the name and genre of your story, its computer word count, a short one or two paragraph description (similar to what you would find on the back cover of a book at a bookstore), and a paragraph about yourself including personal experience directly relevant to the story plus any previous professional publishing credits and/or awards. Your email should be the query, with the synopsis and additional materials submitted together in one file titled YOURNAME_BOOK TITLE and saved as an RTF. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a reply.




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