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The Pro Cheerleader Diaries, Vol. 1


Featuring Essays By Current and Former Pro Cheerleaders: Nikki Giavasis, Danielle Demski, Cynthia Sanders-Trinidad, Lisa Czawlytko, and Wynter Lloyd (cover model).

134 pgs., 5" x 8" paperback, nonfiction.
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Have you ever wondered what it's really like to tryout and make a professional Cheerleader team?  Want to know how it feels to cheer for the first time at a professional level game for thousands of fans?  Maybe you've even dreamed of becoming a professional cheerleader yourself, but need some courage to overcome a few obstacles along the way.  With "The Pro Cheerleader Diaries," you'll read all this and more from actual current and former professional cheerleaders from around the world!  Learn how each featured cheerleader got started in cheerleading, what made her decide to "go pro", the challenges she faced in order to tryout for her team, and all the wonderful experiences and skills she gained as a pro cheerleader.  You'll also read about how these skills and experiences even helped these featured professional cheerleaders build careers in modelling, television and commercial appearances, become news reporters on television or radio, go on to become successful lawyers or entrepreneurs, and much, much more!  Every essay has been written by a current or former pro cheerleader in her own words, thoughts, and feelings, to give you the most personal view of what professional cheerleading is really like.  It's just like having your very own pro cheerleader for a mentor! 

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Professional cheerleaders are the celebrities of the cheerleading world...learn from the best in their own personal words in "The Pro Cheerleader Diaries: Behind-the-Scenes of Pro Cheerleading."







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