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The Ultimate Guide to Dance Tryout Secrets, Jr./Sr. High
The Ultimate Guide to Splits and Kicks
The Ultimate Guide to Making Cheer/Dance Gear & Gifts
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader
The Pro Cheer Diaries, Vol. 1


NHP Cheer/Dance Author:
Wynter Lloyd

Wynter Lloyd is a contributing author for The Pro Cheerleader Diaries and The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader, and is the cover model for The Pro Cheerleader Diaries.  Ms. Lloyd is also...

  • A current summer and competition staff member for Spirit Unlimited

  • Recently won an award in 2004 for completing a multitude of appearances

  • A former staff member for ECA and COA

  • A former cheerleader for the Florida Southern College and Salisbury University

  • A former cheer coach at the high school and all-star level

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