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The Ultimate Guide to Dance Tryout Secrets, Jr./Sr. High
The Ultimate Guide to Splits and Kicks
The Ultimate Guide to Making Cheer/Dance Gear & Gifts
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader
The Pro Cheer Diaries, Vol. 1


About NHP

Netherfield House Press was founded in January 2010, and began with the acquisition of Darnell Spirit Productions, a publishing company dedicated to the cheerleading and dance markets since 2000. This acquisition combines updated titles from DSP's cheer and dance imprint with NHP's broader categories of fiction and nonfiction for additional markets, and makes them available in a larger selection of print and digital formats with a greatly expanded distribution program to reach as many readers as possible.

To view Netherfield House Press's full catalog, please visit our main website at www.netherfieldhousepress.com, where you will find a growing selection of unique stories in a wide selection of fiction subgenres, as well as knowledgeable nonfiction in a variety of subjects by industry experts and professionals.

To learn more about the NHP staff, the latest news, upcoming books, author interviews, contests, giveaways, and more, visit our blog here.













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